Firma 'CHEMIS'
was set up in 1990

At the beginning, the company specialised in wholesale trade, but in 1993, its profile of operations was changed and the company focused on the production of chemical products for bathrooms. Since the very beginning, Firma "CHEMIS" has been a family-owned enterprise. Initially, it was a private partnership, and in 2001, it was transformed into a general partnership. Firma "CHEMIS" began its production from toilet cubes and toilet cube supplies under the Miss CLO brand. The range of Miss CLO products has been successively expanded. The water-colouring toilet block has become the flagship product ( toilet block ). The catalogue of products has changed according to and depending on the market needs at a given moment of time. At present, the Miss CLO brand includes such products as water-colouring toilet blocks, toilet cubes, gel toilet cubes, air-fresheners for small rooms and cars, mini-spray air-fresheners and the Cos on the moth anti-moth agent.

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